Network marketing is the business of the 21st century.

Social networks are an incredible communication tool. They connect new relationships and reconnect old one. These also enable discussions, help organise events, and spread info. Above all, social networks are a great place to promote your business, if you know how to do it professionally and wisely.


Network Marketing Is Not A “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

Ten years ago, I joined various network marketing companies because I wanted money to pay off a few debts that I had accumulated. I thought I would make quick, easy money whilst working from home.

Because I was not coachable, I did not have a mentor and I had no personal development program in place. I thought it was just about telling friends and relatives to join the company and you all start making money. I used twitter to promote my products, and my posts sounded more like a PLEA than a quality pitch.  If a friend asked for my product information, I simply told them to visit my website and left them to find the answers there.



networkLesson:  Network marketing isn’t a “get rich quick” solution to get out of debt. Network marketing requires loads of dedication and hard work. I realised that if I am going to sell any product, I must know the product well, be dedicated and ready to work hard. I now follow a system and am more focused.

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Network Marketers Are Not Cult Recruiters:

A cult recruiter is someone who thinks that they need to get others on board in order to succeed. I used to send long messages to everybody on my contact list, inviting them to join my business. My product was a failure, not because it wasn’t good, but because I did not know its benefits. I did not even have 100% belief in the product. As a result, I lost a few friends, because I did not deliver what I promised to give them with my product.


Lesson: Don’t force people into liking your product. That is bullying! Instead, know your product and let people join for the right reasons. Network marketing business shouldn’t make you lose friends because of false promises. Know your product and believe 100% in it. “Be the product of the product”.

After this lesson, I can proudly say, I am a product of my product. My product means good life and I really enjoy a good life! If you want a good life, take a look!


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