8 Ways For Authors To Stand Out In Their Niche


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 Your Story is Crucial:

Make it easy for your audience to discover who you are. Show them your credibility. People love to connect with a real person!  Have a clear and detailed profile, showing the writer’s picture and areas of proficiency. Highlight all your goals and past accomplishments. It is also important to show that you are active on relevant social media and add an ‘About’ section on your website.


 Emphasise Your Strengths:standing out

When starting out, just concentrate on your strengths and master your expertise. Focus on to what you’re good at and develop from there.


 Get the Fundamentals Correct:

To achieve massive success, don’t get emotionally attached to traffic. Instead think about how to connect with the reader. Your content should address: why, how, and what. Provide value and purpose.

 Be Professional:

Credibility and integrity is important. Maintain a good personality, great attitude and communicate professionally. If you behave like an amateur, you put off your audience.


 Be Vocal But Do Not Scream!

Share your ideas and aspirations with your readers. Don’t be too quiet, come out of your comfort zone and vocalise your ambitions. People love to hear them!

Develop a User-Friendly Approach:

 Have everything in your business on user-friendly mode! Your readers should be able to understand and follow everything you provide for them. Don’t stand out in a negative way, you turn away potential customers!


 Commend Your Competitors:

Undeniably there is competition as an author, especially on the global marketplace. However, the strategy of praising other authors is very powerful on social media. When you take the time to commend others, you will also receive positive feedback from your audience.


Acknowledge Your Audience


Offer your readers something for free and thank them for being a part of your journey to success. Provide a special promotion to your devoted followers. Talking of offering something free, here is my free gift to you!

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