About Me


About Me

Who is Catherine Chidavayenzi?

Catherine was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a single mother of an awesome lady Sharon Tafura now married to a lovely handsome Terence Tafura.

Catherine moved to UK in 2000.  In May 2004, she completed her nurse training at the University of Brighton. She started work as Theatre Scrub Nurse in West Sussex. She is a devout Christian who loves the Lord and is ever so grateful for how God orders her steps. Always relying on God to give her the spirit of wisdom to do what she does. She is a very hard working, humble person who enjoys running, reading, travelling and serving in her church.

Born an entrepreneur, Catherine took after his late parents who owned businesses in Zimbabwe. She grew up with a deep desire to prosper and make a difference. Whilst settling in the UK she came across a lot of network marketing opportunities, including online marketing. At that stage she thought these opportunities were “get rich quick schemes” and joined several of them. Moving from one business opportunity to another, she lacked the mindset to stay in the game until she got results. She was just a quitter!!! and that killed all her dreams for a  very long time.

But by God’s grace in Jan 2015, she made a giant step of faith and left her permanent job, in search for better wages and went to do Agency Nursing still as a Theatre Scrub Nurse. It was so scary for her because at times she would worry that there would not be enough work for her with the agency, hence she registered with so many nursing agencies to make sure she never went without work. God was so gracious and she worked in one hospital, being counted as a permanent member of staff at that hospital. It was whilst at this place of work that she met a friend who re-introduced her to network marketing and she is ever so grateful for this friend. This was a great turning point for Catherine.

This moment began in April 2016. Although, Catherine continues to work as a Theatre Scrub Nurse full time, she is building her empire  part time. Since the day she became an Independent Business Owner within her Network Marketing Company, Catherine has realised she is now in a place where people help her succeed, share goals, are positive, she gets acknowledged and appreciated for production and feels proud and fulfilled to be part of the great team she belongs to.

When Catherine went to her first convention for her Company, she saw something so powerful that she realised she wanted to “Go Pro”  and has since connected with a great coach and mentor who is teaching her online marketing in order for her to empower other online network marketers  to prosper. She is passionate about helping fellow marketers achieve massive success.



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