In my previous blog we spoke about choosing the right company. Now having done that, it is also very important to start building your network marketing business the right way. Network marketing is definitely the best ideal option, for making additional income when you only have small capital. It is a kind of business where everyone in your team wins, if you work effectively together as one big family. Starting up this business does not require any special qualifications, and you don’t even have to wait too long to start making a profit. Often times, you could make money within few weeks of starting the business. Your success depends on how quickly you were able to recruit people into the program or sell your network company’s products. In this post, we’ll look at how you can start and build your MLM business successfully.

  1. Learn from your mentor. BUILDING

In most network marketing models, your mentor is the person who introduced you to the business. However, building your business is your responsibility, but you are never left to start building  it  by yourself. All good companies have a team of people that have been in the business long. These individuals are always glad to help and support you. You find that you become a one big family. Each member of the family loves to see everyone succeed and prosper. Your mentors will be there to coach you through the various stages of building your business. Most Companies compensate leaders or mentors to train new business partners. Hence it is in your mentor’s best interest for you to be building your business successfully .  Your MLM mentor should be someone who is ever available if you need help/support. He should be someone who will be honest and reliable to you.


  1. Studying your products helps in building:

Every company requires people to market or get customers for their products. Therefore, you must be aware that it will be your job to market the company products. Hence, you should commit yourself to learning everything about them. You should plan on how to answer any questions from your potential customers. You will need to study any information that will enhance your MLM business. Finally, you should also be a product of the product yourself.


  1. Attend company events. building

Attending events will help you to learn new skills and make new contacts. As said earlier, you are in the business for yourself but never by yourself. Attending events will boost your belief in the company as well as the products, thus help you in building your business You get more knowledge, loads of inspiration as you learn from those that have made it in the Company. This also gives you useful tips on how to start and build your network marketing business successfully. I addition, there is so much fun at  these events! Click here and check this exciting event coming up soon! 


  1. Find new leads:

Leads are potential customers in MLM business. For you to keep making money, you’ll keep on finding new leads. There are several strategies by which you can find new leads. These are:

  • Social media; This is an easy and cheap way of generating buzz for your product. Make sure you build relationships with your audience. When people get to know you, then they will be interested in what you have to offer them, only if it gives value. Be sure to be consistently updating your audience and giving then valuable information, in order to attract them to your offers.
  • If your budget permits, purchase social media adverts to boost your business.
  • Personal interaction is also an effective strategy. Always have your company’s business card and be ready to talk about your products. Always bear in mind that you are there to help people not just to benefit from the commission that you get by marketing your products. Watch this testimonial! from Eric Worre’s students.
  1. Sustain your leads by follow-up.

Following up your leads will help to turn them into paying customers. You have to try everything possible to follow them up. With the use of an autoresponder, this can be done easily. Aim to turn a lead into a paying customer. Just because somebody was not interested in the first time, doesn’t mean that he will never be interested. Remember it is not about trying to convince someone, if your follow is not strategic or done wisely, you could easily be seen as a spammer, and this can affect your business negatively.


  1. Recruit new and active members.

MLM business is all about recruiting. The same way you were recruited into it, you’ll need to recruit team members to be successful. Go for somebody who is personable, sharp and excited about changing their current situation for better. However try not to pre-judge people. With self development, you will soon learn how to relate with people and recruiting will soon be easy. Once you develop the right attitude; an attitude to help others and not to just do the business for your own benefit, you will surely succeed. Your MLM success lies in the success of your recruits, therefore develop yourself to be able to help them more effectively. Remember to share what you learn with them


As you’re planning to start a network marketing business, you’ll need to be very careful, so that you will not get things wrong right from the start. The above tips will go a long way in helping you start and build a sustainable network marketing business. Feel free to check this company with leaders full of integrity.


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  • Gary Bledsoe

    Reply Reply 11/04/2017

    You are so right regarding it is in your upline mentor’s best interest to help you succeed. In the past, when my upline mentor didn’t realize this and offered no assistance; I would seek out another mentor to help me in my journey.

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 11/04/2017

      I did the same Gary. My upline failed to realize this as well. She was only interested in how many points I had acheived. I am glad I found help online. My virtual uplines are giving me so much value and my journey is getting more exciting now. Thanks for the comment.

  • All these are great steps for anyone who is really serious about building the business. Thanks for this post.

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 11/04/2017

      Thanks Adebusoye, learning from you guys!

  • Great tips Catherine!

    Having a mentor is HUGE as it will compress time and accelerate your learning curve!

    Dr. Lisa

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 11/04/2017

      Dr Lisa, Its always an honour to receive your comments. Not having a mentor costed me big time. Now I make sure I invest big time in mentors. Thanks for the comment.

  • Following up is a big one that most leaders seem to miss, so glad you touched base on this one

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 12/04/2017

      Thanks Lynette, for the comment

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