Becoming a network marketer has been a divinely inspired decision for me. When I decided to go ‘pro’ it was also by divine inspiration.


However the decision to become ‘pro’ has been a mixture of fear and anxiety. It was scary because I have always thought being successful is only for the elect.fear









Because of my christian background I know that God wants me to prosper. But somehow I was extremely scared to step out of my comfort zone. I felt secure going to work. My meagre wages, though not enough for my bills; gave me a false sense of security. As time went by, this routine became very painful, but because of fear, I ignored this pain for sometime.





Over the years that pain became unbearable. Fortunately a colleague introduced me to network marketing at that point. It was like the light bulb had just been turned on. At the beginning I was very sceptical. I even remember asking,  ‘where is the catch?”  after seeing the  business overview for the very first time.

That evening, when I got home, I decided enough was enough, change was what I needed.I joined the business.


Come Saturday training, the information was just overwhelming. Feelings of  regret and fear filled me. At that point, my fisrt instinct was to quit!  But, deep inside me, I still felt the urge to give it a go!


















As a result of what I went through during that period, I just want to share my experience. They say you need great mentors to succeed. That’s very true! My Pastor and my business mentors have made a very huge impact in my journey.

It is also very true when they say that ” it’s not the product or the company that is important in network marketing. Rather it is the leadership that makes the opportunity great.”  Leaders that  mentor new people make all the difference! I felt the fear, but I was determined to do it anyway.





We are all born with in-born fears:

Fear of falling

Fear of loud noises

Fear of abandonment


However, these 3 types of fear are beneficial for our own protection. They are not for destruction. In life, most people are affected by either the FEAR OF SUCCESS AND/ OR THE FEAR OF FAILURE.



How  fear of success manifests?


When you have the fear of success you manifest it by lacking commitment. Failure to take responsibility of your actions and your thinking is evident in you. There is no growth because you do not learn new things.Spiritual growth, mental growth, physical growth and economic growth; lacks in your life.

You also fail to grow your abilities. These are the abilities of how you see and perceive others. As a result, you also lack the ability to hear and understand others.


Additionally, other people might also even fail to clearly hear and understand you when you communicate. Most of the times, the way you react to   CHANGE in your life is a huge challenge. Simply because you do not have the ability to embrace change.





When you have the fear of failure, you do not want to be successful. The fear of rejection overwhelms you. You also  worry that people will say NO to your offer, or that they will not agree with you. You are afraid that your friends and family will make fun of you and ridicule you.

Since you might not have developed any skills to deal with confrontation, you dread  being confronted or being challenged over anything.

The thoughts of what other people think of you, worries you. Many a times, you feel that you do not measure up to other people’s standards. You are worried about how they measure you. One also experiences the fear of how other people evaluate who they are.

The fear of loss is another a big issue if you fear failure. You fear loosing something. This could be money, friends, status or your personal image.


For me, I realised that, it was the fear of success that made me want to quit!


I made a decision to learn so as to overcome this great fear. I was determined to win and stop running

away from achieving my goal. I am now on my way to get my goals and live my dreams.I have also

discovered that there are so many mentors and  tools to help achieve my dreams. If you also need such tools to help you, please check this out!





As “Denis Waitley” rightly says I had to stop procrastinating in order to begin my journey to success. I have always said ‘someday I will start a business’ but  SOMEDAY might never come if you keep postponing!




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  • Beautiful story Catherine!

    You were put on this earth at this time for this reason to be prosperous and to be a blessing to others.

    I know you will be very successful!

    Dr. Lisa

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 03/03/2017

      Thank you Dr Lisa. I really appreciate your comment. I receive the blessing. I willdefinitely be successful,with people like you to learn from.

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