The Importance of Giving Over Taking



Article writing is about giving. You can give and then take. If you fail to give value, you and your brand will not grow. By giving value, you will open yourself up to opportunities you would never think of or imagine .

GIVE quality, original, and educational content that targets your audiences’ needs in the article body. Be genuine in your tone and style. Share factual stories and honest examples.

How do you take?

You “TAKE” by providing just enough information in your Resource Box. This will hone your audience’s appetite. You then motivate people to check your website. Feel free to also check my website, who knows you might like something here :).

By keeping your promotional material within the Resource Box, you increase your visibility. You then open great chances of being republished by other publishers.



givingTo build trust between you and your audience, learn to give then take. If you fail to “give”, but head straight into  “take,” you kill trust.







How Giving Will Fundamentally Help You:

Develop the “giving” mentality by asking yourself, how you can help others. However, don’t expect totalgiving reciprocity. You will not always get 100% back from what you give. Sometimes you get more and other times it could even be less or even nothing.

Receiving should not be your target. Fundamentally, we all seek collaboration, fairness, and respect by way of a favour returned.

If you give your audience informative and appropriate content, you will gain belief, exposure, integrity and authority. This promotes a supportive network of engaged individuals over time. Connect with like- minded to get more exposure.

Giving has been proven to be good for your health. It intensifies a sense of well-being and triggers unselfish appreciation. This increases happiness and reduces stress. Your business will gain leverage and you build a professional brand into your market niche.

This allows you to become a trustworthy and reliable resource; that your audience can count on. When you have earned trust, it will have long-lasting positive effects. That will make all of your efforts well worth it. These efforts will bring an incredible network that you will not even comprehend.  



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  • Coach Jamie

    Reply Reply 07/02/2017

    Giving is probably the most important thing you can do in business (and in life).

    I heard it said that a life lived serving is a life lived well.

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 08/02/2017

      Wow! So powerful “a life lived serving is a life lived well”. Well said Coach Jamie. Thanks for the comment.

  • April Ray

    Reply Reply 07/02/2017

    Great post! It is so important to give from a place of wanting to help and not wanting anything in return. thank you for sharing!

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 08/02/2017

      Many thanks for the comment April.

  • The secret of living is giving

    Awesome post Catherine!

    Dr. Lisa

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 08/02/2017

      Thnak you Dr Lisa!

  • Chondra Rankin

    Reply Reply 08/02/2017

    Giving back is 100% important!! Great post!

    • catarinaacn16

      Reply Reply 08/02/2017

      Thanks Chondra,learning from you guys!

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