6 Reasons You Are Failing To Connect With Your Audience

ARE YOU CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE?  6 Reasons you might not be connecting with your audience! 1.Your Audience Might Not Know You Well? Be proud of your content and give value, tell good stories. Your ‘About Page’ should include a short account about yourself, a list of your goals, and links to your website(s). Be brief, but have a…

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8 Ways For Authors To Stand Out In Their Niche

     Your Story is Crucial: Make it easy for your audience to discover who you are. Show them your credibility. People love to connect with a real person!  Have a clear and detailed profile, showing the writer’s picture and areas of proficiency. Highlight all your goals and past accomplishments. It is also important to…

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5 Steps To Share and Promote Your Content On Social Media

5 Steps to share and promote your content on social media Cover Photo Promotion: Your cover photo on social media should be appealing! It’s so amazing how the cover page resonates with your audience. A cover page has similar aspects to that of a cover for a book or a movie preview. Your worth needs to…

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