5 Steps To Share and Promote Your Content On Social Media

5 Steps to share and promote your content on social media

Cover Photo Promotion:

Your cover photo on social media should be appealing! It’s so amazing how the cover page resonates with your audience. A cover page has similar aspects to that of a cover for a book or a movie preview.social

Your worth needs to be known at the first instance and your brand should be emphasised in an attractive way and should leave an impact with your audience. The design should also be updated regularly to keep it inspiring and fresh while still maintaining your brand.


Sharing Other Media:

I have never done any videos and this is a scary thing for me to do. However, I guess I have to start doing them now, since I am determined not to go back.

Images and videos have forced their way to the topmost with social media. To avoid your information being skipped over easily, use bullet points and this will get more eyes to stop to read your content. People find it easier to look at videos, photos and infographics.

My next tutorial is going to be on how to create such media because they can be a tremendously valuable marketing move.

Here is a tutorial that we can all share as online marketers.


Asking for Feedback:social

Fans and followers are the best people to help with marketing campaign. Developing the habit of focusing on their interests and asking for feedback. I understand that this is not a direct marketing approach, but it is a quicker and easier way than doing a market survey. The results can be significantly more helpful.


Rewards for Sharing Content:

Asking fans and followers to contribute towards your content adds value to your business. People love to participate and are excited about sharing content that you share! It is important that you also then reward and thank those who participate. To thank you for reading this article here is my reward for you.


Subtle Promotion in Comments:

The comments section is a great and excellent place for both the author and the reader to freely voice opinions on a subject. It is wise to throw in subtle promotion and use that to discuss a topic further in order to clarify and let others learn as well.


Other marketers have had success with these hints. If you get any value from this post please feel free to comment or share. Also feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter!

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